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The Green Bikes




Green biker
Solene is the tall, curly-haired one.
Always with her nose in the air, she marvels at nature, mouth agape and eyes wide.


Green biker
Kevin's beard hides his big smile.
His passion? Problems, and solving them!

We are both passionate about sports and sporting adventures!
Long-distance hikes, trekking on frozen Lake Baikal, trails and multiple days races… It is where we come to return to what is essential, where we find our freedom and harmony with the environment.

Let’s face it, we need challenges! The commitment they require makes us feel more alive than ever.
They give rise to an indestructible team spirit, patience and benevolence.

We can only be nature lovers. It is in its simplest beauty that we design our adventures and forge memories and emotions.
When we put a project in our heads, it becomes our thoughts day and night. Preparing for it is already an adventure!

In our former lives, Kevin was a data engineer, and Solene a sales manager and a sports coach. So we tended to sit in a chair in front of a screen, locked in an office.
We said “Goodbye!” to all of that and to the Parisian greyness that was denting our optimism and sorely lacking in green.
Canada has not betrayed its promise: enchanting nature and human warmth.

Let's confess...

Solene, one of TheGreenBikes members
Kevin, one of TheGreenBikes members