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Take part in an eco-friendly project

listen to the growing forest rather than the falling tree

Friedrich Hegel

Help us reforest

With your help we are trying to reach a target of 10.000$ !

1$ = 1 tree planted.
Take part in our project, plant trees for yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, the planet… and help reforest Canada!

Our favorite saying?
“The more trees, the more forest!”
Let’s work together to surpass this goal! 🙂

why donate?

Take part in a project to combat global warming

Play a role in preserving our environment

Support green tourism


Still hesitating?

How will my donation be used?

Your donation will be added to those of other participants. It will be entirely donated to the One Tree Planted association and dedicated to a reforestation project in Canada. Donations enable restoration and reforestation projects in affected areas, and support all partners involved in the project: nursery production, site preparation, planting, monitoring and evaluation.

How can I be sure that my money is going to the association?

As Tree Ambassadors for One Tree Planted, we use a dedicated donation platform. This means that at the end of the fund-raising campaign, the money does not pass through us, but goes directly to the association, with no transfer fees. A donation certificate will be issued at the end of the project to assure all donors that 100% of the donations collected have been paid in, and we will be able to share with you the benefits of the project.

What's the point of reforestation?

Reforestation is a multi-faceted approach to combating global warming. By absorbing carbon dioxide and storing carbon, trees and forest soils play an essential role in slowing global warming.
Forests also filter air and water, reduce the risk of flooding, and so on.
They are home to enormous biodiversity, helping to preserve many species.
They are also an important place of habitat, work and resources. More than 1.6 billion people depend on the forest for food and energy, and 70 million people worldwide, including indigenous peoples, call forest “home”.

I am not Canadian, why should I be concerned?

Because if there are many countries, there is only one planet that we share and for which we are all responsible!
Canada has many forests. The best-known is the Boreal Forest, which accounts for 30% of the world’s forests. It stretches across Scandinavia, Russia and Alaska, with Canada accounting for 28%. Because it acts as a carbon sink, retaining 12% of the planet’s terrestrial carbon reserves, it is just as important as the Amazon rainforest. This reforestation project is not about beautifying Canada’s forests for the eyes of locals and tourists, but about preserving the planet for all of us.

In what currency can I donate?

The global fund is in Canadian dollars, but all currencies are accepted.
Choose the currency you prefer when you make your donation, and pay by Paypal or credit card. The amount will be automatically converted.

Is it possible to make a recurring donation?

For our project, participation takes the form of a one-off donation. But you can make several throughout our adventure!
Outside our project, you can also set up a monthly recurring donation directly on the One Tree Planted website.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Since One Tree Planted is an American organization, donations are tax-deductible only for US citizens.
French and European regulations only apply if the association is part of the European Economic Area.